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There is a list of medicines containing "Azithromycin" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Azithromycin drugs The last trade name of products
3A-DT 3A-DT - Acithroc Acithroc
Acitran Acitran - Aisatromic Aisatromic
Akzith Akzith - Amovin Amovin
An An - Arizol Arizol
Aromycin Aromycin - Astrocina Astrocina
Athofix Athofix - Auricin Auricin
Austa-Z Austa-Z - AZ AZ
AZ3 Kid AZ3 Kid - Azathine Azathine
Azauk Azauk - Azeeb Azeeb
Azeefit Azeefit - Azeral Azeral
Azeris Azeris - Azi-4-U Azi-4-U
Aziab Aziab - Azibest-DT Azibest-DT
Azi-Big Azi-Big - Azicam Azicam
Azicar Azicar - Aziclass Aziclass
Aziclen-DT Aziclen-DT - Aziczn Aziczn
Azid Azid - Azidos Azidos
Azidoz Azidoz - Azifeel Azifeel
Azifer Azifer - Azigla Azigla
Azigma Azigma - Azijeev Azijeev
Azik Kid Azik Kid - Azila Junior Azila Junior
Azilas Azilas - Azilo Azilo
Azilord Azilord - Azimat Azimat
Azimax-XL Azimax-XL - Azimin Azimin
Azimist Azimist - Azimycine Azimycine
Azin Azin - Azini Azini
Azinij Azinij - Azi-OD Azi-OD
Azion Azion - Azipol Azipol
Azipra Azipra - Azirax Azirax
Azirem Azirem - Azirocin Azirocin
Azirol Azirol - Azisa Azisa
Azisag Azisag - Azismith Azismith
Azisol Azisol - Azisun Azisun
Azisure Azisure - Azitar Azitar
Azitec Azitec - Azithm Azithm
Azithral Azithral - Azithrom Azithrom
Azithromax Azithromax - Azithromycin (CSPC Ouyi Pharmaceutical) Azithromycin (CSPC Ouyi Pharmaceutical)
Azithromycin (Deko Company) Azithromycin (Deko Company) - Azithromycin (Only For Children Pharmaceuticals) Azithromycin (Only For Children Pharmaceuticals)
Azithromycin (Ranbaxy) Azithromycin (Ranbaxy) - Azithromycin-BI Azithromycin-BI
Azithromycine Azithromycine - Azitic Azitic
Azitil Azitil - Azitor Azitor
Azitoss Azitoss - Azitro-BQ Azitro-BQ
Azitrofel Azitrofel - Azitromicina (Americas International) Azitromicina (Americas International)
Azitromicina (Arena Pharmaceuticals) Azitromicina (Arena Pharmaceuticals) - Azitromicina (Dutriec) Azitromicina (Dutriec)
Azitromicina (Elter Laboratorios) Azitromicina (Elter Laboratorios) - Azitromicina (Ibero Farmacos) Azitromicina (Ibero Farmacos)
Azitromicina (Indoco Remedies) Azitromicina (Indoco Remedies) - Azitromicina (Markos Laboratorios Farmaceuticos) Azitromicina (Markos Laboratorios Farmaceuticos)
Azitromicina (Medek Pharma) Azitromicina (Medek Pharma) - Azitromicina (PharMed Corporation) Azitromicina (PharMed Corporation)
Azitromicina (Prati-Donaduzzi) Azitromicina (Prati-Donaduzzi) - Azitromicina (Vida Laboratorio) Azitromicina (Vida Laboratorio)
Azitromicina (Vitalab) Azitromicina (Vitalab) - Azitross Ready Mix Azitross Ready Mix
Azitrovin Azitrovin - Azivent-XL Azivent-XL
Azivib Azivib - Aziwyn Aziwyn
Azix Azix - Azlupin Azlupin
AZM AZM - Azobrain Azobrain
Azocin Azocin - Azom Azom
Azomarc Azomarc - Azor Azor
Azoric Azoric - Azowise Azowise
Azoxyn Kid Azoxyn Kid - Azth-DT Azth-DT
Aztil Aztil - Azurt Azurt
Azux-DT Azux-DT - Azythronat Azythronat
Azytromaxx-PG Azytromaxx-PG - Bazy Bazy
Beezith Beezith - Cadiazith Cadiazith
Caramycin Caramycin - Coazy Coazy
Colzit Colzit - Delzosin Delzosin
Dethro Dethro - Elgram-DT Elgram-DT
Elzee-DT Elzee-DT - Euzith Euzith
Evize Evize - Fenzy Fenzy
FishLife Azithromycin FishLife Azithromycin - Gramac-DT Gramac-DT
GZ GZ - Infectomycin Infectomycin
Ino-BD Ino-BD - Kamzi Kamzi
Kapiz Kapiz - Lazith Lazith
Leez Leez - Macazi Macazi
Macrobac Macrobac - Maczin Maczin
Magnabiotic Magnabiotic - Megamac Megamac
Megathral-DT Megathral-DT - Mynex Mynex
Myza Myza - Nimoconil Nimoconil
Nobaxin Nobaxin - Onazit Onazit
Oralzicin Oralzicin - Paiqi Paiqi
Parkmycin Parkmycin - PVS-ATH PVS-ATH
Qi Gu Mei Qi Gu Mei - Razy Razy
Renzith Renzith - Romed Romed
Ronin Ronin - Sanzify Sanzify
Saver Saver - Silina Silina
Siomycin Siomycin - S-Tromic S-Tromic
Suchzith Suchzith - Tecazi Tecazi
Thiza Thiza - Tobyl Tobyl
Toub-AZ Toub-AZ - Tromicina Tromicina
Troxin Troxin - Uthral Uthral
Valuethral Readymix Valuethral Readymix - Vizikti Vizikti
Voxthro Voxthro - Xethro Xethro
Xi Le Xin Xi Le Xin - Zacts Zacts
Zady Readymix Zady Readymix - Zeemide Zeemide
Zeethro Zeethro - Zibac Zibac
Zicho Zicho - Zimacin-DT Zimacin-DT
Zimax Zimax - Ziromax Ziromax
Zirosmin Zirosmin - Zitho Zitho
Zithox Zithox - Zithromax Uno Zithromax Uno
Zithromin Zithromin - Zithtec Zithtec
Zitis Zitis - Zitrobronq Zitrobronq
Zitrocom Zitrocom - Zitrotrim Zitrotrim
Zitus Zitus - Zotax Zotax
Zuath Zuath - Zytic Zytic


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