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There is a list of drugs containing "Azithromycin" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers (see "References"):

The first trade name of products Lists of Azithromycin medications The last trade name of products
3A 3A - Acintaz Acintaz
Acithroc-DT Acithroc-DT - Airocin Airocin
Akomin Akomin - Amizin Amizin
Amthro Amthro - Arizith Arizith
Army Army - Astro Astro
Athiro Athiro - Audi Audi
Ausmax Ausmax - AZ AZ
AZ3 AZ3 - Azath Azath
Azatill Azatill - Azee Rediuse Azee Rediuse
Azee-DS Azee-DS - Azera Azera
Azerin Azerin - Azi-4U Azi-4U
Azia Azia - Azibest Azibest
Azibig Azibig - Azic Kid Azic Kid
Azicap Azicap - Aziclam Aziclam
Aziclen Aziclen - Azicyte Azicyte
Azid Azid - Azidor Azidor
Azidott Azidott - Azifed Azifed
Azifence Azifence - Aziget Aziget
Aziglow Aziglow - Aziiup-DT Aziiup-DT
Azik Azik - Azila Azila
Azilab Azilab - Aziliz Aziliz
Azilomb Azilomb - Azimars Azimars
Azimax-DT Azimax-DT - Azimin Azimin
Azimira Azimira - Azimycine Azimycine
Azimyn Azimyn - Azinfect Azinfect
Azinif Azinif - Aziobate Aziobate
Aziomak Aziomak - Azipokyn Azipokyn
Azipos Azipos - Azirav Azirav
Azirel Azirel - Azirocin Azirocin
Azirol Azirol - Azis Kid Azis Kid
Azisafe-DT Azisafe-DT - Azismi Kid Azismi Kid
Azisoft Azisoft - Azistic Azistic
Azisure Azisure - Azitam Azitam
Azitec Azitec - Azithin Azithin
Azithox Azithox - Azithrokind Azithrokind
Azithromax Azithromax - Azithromycin (Cipla) Azithromycin (Cipla)
Azithromycin (Dalkhimpharm) Azithromycin (Dalkhimpharm) - Azithromycin (Noro Bio-Pharmaceutical) Azithromycin (Noro Bio-Pharmaceutical)
Azithromycin (Pliva) Azithromycin (Pliva) - Azithromycin-AL Azithromycin-AL
Azithromycine Azithromycine - Azitic Azitic
Azitic-DT Azitic-DT - Azitor (Ator Healthcare) Azitor (Ator Healthcare)
Azitor (Laboratorios Farmaceuticos en La Victoria) Azitor (Laboratorios Farmaceuticos en La Victoria) - Azitrobac Azitrobac
Azitrofar Azitrofar - Azitromicina (American Generics) Azitromicina (American Generics)
Azitromicina (Arafarma Group) Azitromicina (Arafarma Group) - Azitromicina (Dupomar) Azitromicina (Dupomar)
Azitromicina (EG Labo) Azitromicina (EG Labo) - Azitromicina (Hersil Laboratorios Industriales Farmaceuticos) Azitromicina (Hersil Laboratorios Industriales Farmaceuticos)
Azitromicina (IFARBO Laboratorios) Azitromicina (IFARBO Laboratorios) - Azitromicina (Magma) Azitromicina (Magma)
Azitromicina (Medco Laboratories) Azitromicina (Medco Laboratories) - Azitromicina (Pharmascience) Azitromicina (Pharmascience)
Azitromicina (Portugal Laboratorios) Azitromicina (Portugal Laboratorios) - Azitromicina (Vee Excel Drugs & Pharmaceuticals) Azitromicina (Vee Excel Drugs & Pharmaceuticals)
Azitromicina (Vita Pharma) Azitromicina (Vita Pharma) - Azitross Kid Azitross Kid
Azitroteg Azitroteg - Azivent-MD Azivent-MD
Azivex Azivex - Aziwok-XL Aziwok-XL
Azix Azix - Azlo Azlo
AZM AZM - Azobotic Azobotic
Azocam Azocam - Azom Azom
Azomac Azomac - Azopil Azopil
Azores Azores - Azowin Azowin
Azoxyn Azoxyn - Azth Azth
Aztic Aztic - Azure-DT Azure-DT
Azux Azux - Azyth Azyth
Azytlahr Azytlahr - Bazince Bazince
Becazithro Becazithro - BZ BZ
Campozin Campozin - Clozith Clozith
Colbact Colbact - Delzi Delzi
Dentazit Dentazit - Elgram Elgram
Elzee Readymix Elzee Readymix - Euphoric-Azoric Euphoric-Azoric
Evazith Evazith - Feng Da Qi Feng Da Qi
Finatres Finatres - Gramac Gramac
G-Thro G-Thro - InfectoAzit Single Dose InfectoAzit Single Dose
Infurox Infurox - Kai Qi Kai Qi
Kanny Kanny - Lazit Lazit
Lazomycin Lazomycin - Mac Azi Mac Azi
Macroazi Macroazi - Maczim Maczim
Maczith Maczith - Medzith Medzith
Megathral Megathral - Mylide Mylide
Mytis Mytis - Nifoxith Nifoxith
Nizithro Nizithro - OMX OMX
Optithrocin Optithrocin - Pai Fu Pai Fu
Paraz Paraz - Puzicil Puzicil
Q-Azi Q-Azi - Razith Razith
Remycine Remycine - Rom-AN Rom-AN
Romycin Romycin - Salzor Salzor
Savazee-OS Savazee-OS - Siftromin Siftromin
Simzith Simzith - Straf Straf
Su Shuang Su Shuang - Te Li Xin Te Li Xin
Teozi Teozi - Tobil Tobil
Toraseptol Toraseptol - Tromicin Tromicin
Tromix-SD Tromix-SD - UT-500 UT-500
Valuethral Valuethral - Vizicin Vizicin
Vonaze Vonaze - Xerexomair Xerexomair
X-Gram-DT X-Gram-DT - Zacne Zacne
Zady Zady - Zeecin-DT Zeecin-DT
Zeethro Zeethro - Zezot Zezot
Zibramax Zibramax - Zimacin Zimacin
Zimax Zimax - Ziromac Ziromac
Ziromin Ziromin - Zithnu Zithnu
Zithosim Zithosim - Zithroline Zithroline
Zithromin Zithromin - Zithsan Zithsan
Ziticin-DT Ziticin-DT - Zitrobiotic Zitrobiotic
Zitrocin-S Zitrocin-S - Zitrotres Zitrotres
Zitrozina Zitrozina - Zostrix Zostrix
Zotter Zotter - Zythrol-DT Zythrol-DT

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