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There is a list of medications containing "Azithromycin" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers (see "References"):

The first trade name of products Lists of Azithromycin medicines The last trade name of products
3DT Biotic 3DT Biotic - Acithroc-DS Acithroc-DS
Acnton Acnton - Ajit Ajit
Alezith Alezith - Amsati Amsati
Angifal Angifal - Arizol-DT Arizol-DT
Arothro Arothro - Aszith Aszith
Athro Athro - Ausmax Ausmax
Austell-Azithromycin Austell-Azithromycin - AZ-1 AZ-1
AZA AZA - Azathis Azathis
Azaus Azaus - Azeecor Azeecor
Azeemune Azeemune - Azerika Azerika
Azerk Azerk - Azia Azia
Aziagio Aziagio - Azibet Azibet
Azibig-DT Azibig-DT - Azican Azican
Azicare Azicare - Azicle Azicle
Azicler Azicler - Azid Azid
Azid Kid Azid Kid - Azidose Azidose
Azidral Azidral - Azifem Azifem
Aziff Aziff - Aziglo Aziglo
Azigo Azigo - Azik Azik
Azikaa Azikaa - Azila Kid Azila Kid
Azile Azile - Aziloc Aziloc
Azilox Azilox - Azimax Azimax
Azimaze Azimaze - Azimine Azimine
Azimit Azimit - Azimyls Azimyls
Azin Azin - Azinic Azinic
Azinik Azinik - Aziom Aziom
Azi-Once Azi-Once - Azipom Azipom
Azipride Azipride - Aziray Aziray
Azirem Azirem - Azirock Azirock
Azirolide Azirolide - Azisafe Azisafe
Azisal Azisal - Azismith-DT Azismith-DT
Azison Azison - Azisun Azisun
Aziswift Aziswift - Azitas Azitas
Azitech Azitech - Azithom Azithom
Azithral Kid Azithral Kid - Azithromax Azithromax
Azithromed Azithromed - Azithromycin (Daehwa Pharmaceutical) Azithromycin (Daehwa Pharmaceutical)
Azithromycin (DHG Pharmaceutical) Azithromycin (DHG Pharmaceutical) - Azithromycin (Orifarm) Azithromycin (Orifarm)
Azithromycin (Rouz Darou Pharmaceutical) Azithromycin (Rouz Darou Pharmaceutical) - Azithromycin-DT Azithromycin-DT
Azithromycine Azithromycine - Azitica Azitica
Azitil Azitil - Azitor Azitor
Azitoz Azitoz - Azitrodex Azitrodex
Azitrogal Azitrogal - Azitromicina (Andromaco Laboratorios) Azitromicina (Andromaco Laboratorios)
Azitromicina (Arrowblue Produtos Farmaceuticos) Azitromicina (Arrowblue Produtos Farmaceuticos) - Azitromicina (Ecuaquimica) Azitromicina (Ecuaquimica)
Azitromicina (EMS Industria Farmaceutica) Azitromicina (EMS Industria Farmaceutica) - Azitromicina (Icu-Vita Laboratorios) Azitromicina (Icu-Vita Laboratorios)
Azitromicina (Induquimica Laboratorios) Azitromicina (Induquimica Laboratorios) - Azitromicina (MC Globe Laboratorio) Azitromicina (MC Globe Laboratorio)
Azitromicina (Medicamed Produtos Medicos e Farmaceuticos) Azitromicina (Medicamed Produtos Medicos e Farmaceuticos) - Azitromicina (Pharmeuropea) Azitromicina (Pharmeuropea)
Azitromicina (Procaps) Azitromicina (Procaps) - Azitromicina (VIR Industria Quimica y Farmaceutica) Azitromicina (VIR Industria Quimica y Farmaceutica)
Azitromicina (Vivax Pharmaceuticals) Azitromicina (Vivax Pharmaceuticals) - Azitross Redimix Azitross Redimix
Azitrox Azitrox - Aziver Aziver
Azivid Azivid - Azix (Alicon Pharmaceuticals) Azix (Alicon Pharmaceuticals)
Azix (Prays Pharmaceuticals) Azix (Prays Pharmaceuticals) - Azlupin-DT Azlupin-DT
AZM AZM - Azoburg Azoburg
Azocin Azocin - Azomac Azomac
Azomax Azomax - Azoran Azoran
Azorik Azorik - Azoxin Azoxin
Azpar Azpar - Azthomac Azthomac
Aztin Aztin - Azurt-DT Azurt-DT
Azvel Azvel - Azytic Azytic
Azywell Azywell - BDom-F BDom-F
Belsuc Belsuc - Camic Camic
Cararox Cararox - Colazithro Colazithro
Conbac Conbac - Demacro Demacro
Dezithro Dezithro - Elzee Elzee
Elzithro Elzithro - Evacin Evacin
Exit Exit - Figothrom Figothrom
Fix Zithro Fix Zithro - Grazeth Grazeth
Hactazith Hactazith - Infectrien Infectrien
Introcin Introcin - Kang Qi Kang Qi
Karizma Karizma - Lazocin Lazocin
Lefren Lefren - Macro Cid Macro Cid
Macrocap Macrocap - Maczith Maczith
Makcyn Makcyn - Megatab Megatab
Megazith Megazith - Mynthro Mynthro
Myzee Myzee - Nizith Nizith
Nodycin Nodycin - OpeAzitro OpeAzitro
Orazith Orazith - Panzit Panzit
Pasithro Pasithro - Pyme Azi Pyme Azi
Qi Mai Xing Qi Mai Xing - Reclocin Reclocin
Resimycin Resimycin - Romy Romy
Ronin-DT Ronin-DT - Savazee Savazee
Sazith Sazith - Simpli-3 Simpli-3
Sisocin Sisocin - Styzi Styzi
Suma˝lid Suma˝lid - Teoprim Teoprim
Thraz Thraz - Tong Tai Qi Li Tong Tai Qi Li
Tozec Tozec - Tromix Tromix
Troxin-AZ Troxin-AZ - Uzee Uzee
Vazimass Vazimass - Vizit Vizit
V-ZI V-ZI - X-Gram X-Gram
Xiaxi Xiaxi - Zad Zad
Zady Redimix Zady Redimix - Zeerox Zeerox
Zeethro Kid Zeethro Kid - Zibiatrom Zibiatrom
Zicin Zicin - Zimax Zimax
Zimaxin Zimaxin - Ziromex Ziromex
Zirro Zirro - Zitholid Zitholid
Zithral Zithral - Zithromed Zithromed
Zithromycin Zithromycin - Ziticin Ziticin
Zitis-DT Zitis-DT - Zitrocaps Zitrocaps
Zitrocyn Zitrocyn - Zitrozin Zitrozin
Zitylor Zitylor - Zotee Zotee
Zuath-DS Zuath-DS - Zytrocin Zytrocin

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